INEX is a contract development, manufacturing and commercialisation centre for specialist electronic devices, microsystems and nanotechnology. It works with technology innovators and systems integration firms worldwide to develop and commercialise new technologies and products.

The INEX microfabrication facility in Newcastle upon Tyne in the UK operates as standard on a 150 mm wafer platform, the globally dominant platform for high value microfabricated components. Much of our equipment can also accommodate 100 mm wafers and we routinely process small (e.g. mm-sized), irregular and thin film materials through use of appropriate carrier wafers and sample holders. We also operate a well equipped class 2 molecular biology and cell culture facility, enabling support for development of microfabricated biosensors, medical and diagnostic devices, and a business incubator, supporting the development and growth of ~10 start-up companies.


UK Headquarters