Switchable and Reconfigurable RF MEMS Filters

Fri, 16th May 2008

SELEX Galileo, as Prime Contractor to the Electro-Magnetic Remote Sensing (EMRS) Defence Technology Centre (DTC), has awarded INEX at the University of Newcastle a contract for the development of a novel RF MEMS technology for the fabrication of Switchable and Reconfigurable microwave filters. The overall project involves SELEX Galileo, Heriot-Watt University and Filtronic Defence all of whom will contribute microwave design experience and expertise to complement INEX’s established MEMS technology capability.   

The project proposes an innovative solution to meet the need for a cost effective, physically compact microwave filter technology in modern Radar and “Electronic Counter Measure” systems for the protection of personnel and assets. The project addresses increased filter functionality, physical filter size, filter system power consumption and a route to manufacture.  

Defence Technology Centre are partnerships between UK Ministry of Defence, Industry and the science base formed as as virtual centres of excellence in broad technology areas tasked with developing innovative defence technology. Participants see a return on their investment in sciences and technology through exploitation in future defence equipment and wider civilian applications.

The Electro-Magnetic Remote Sensing (EMRS) Defence Technology Centre (DTC) is managed by an Industrial consortium comprising: Selex Galileo, Thales UK, Filtronic Plc and Roke Manor Research Ltd.