INEX provide production planar waveguides for the world's first Dual Polarisation Interferometer analytical instrument.

Wed, 1st July 2009

Farfield LogoINEX have developed a manufacturing process for planar waveguides with Farfield Group, Crewe, UK, providing them a second generation disposable interferometer that is manufactured in high volumes on 150mm wafer platform.   Following strong year on year growth, Farfield have placed a long term production contract for these devices with INEX. Farfield's dual polarisation interferometry technology shines polarised light on two stacked waveguides in the disposable interferometer. Proteins are captured on the top waveguide and using the second embedded waveguide as a reference, their conformational changes are measured during biochemical interactions. 

This long-term order demonstrates the progression from successful development into production, built on the close relationship between the companies. Farfield have an office and biological laboratory within the INEX company incubator. 

Farfield AnaLight Bio200