ReNaChip project goes global

Mon, 23rd August 2010

ReNaChip managed by INEX started in 2008 and following a recent press release from Tel Aviv University news about the ReNaChip project has gone global. 

Funded by the Bio-ICT strand of the European Commission’s 7th Framework Programme, the ReNaChip project is developing a system in which a silicon processing chip can be interfaced in real time with the brain to recover lost brain function.

The loss of brain function through ageing or disease is something that affects millions of people daily. Using an experimental model we are developing multiple enabling technologies to create a biomimetic chip that can be integrated with the biological system, and will bring about recovery of the lost cerebellar microcircuit function. Our finding will be applied to future and emerging technologies to bring about novel approaches for the treatment of pathologies such as Parkinson’s disease or Stroke.

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