INEX appoints Mr Richard Williston as its agent for North America

Tue, 16th August 2011

INEX today announced that it has appointed Mr Richard Williston as its business development representative in North America.

Commenting on the appointment, the INEX Business Manager for North America, Dr Angela Silmon said: "Rick has 24 years of experience in high technology, start-up management across multiple sectors, bringing expertise to INEX in product research and development with an eye to manufacturability. His management of CVD diamond coating operations and MEMS production gives him an excellent understanding of the applications of diamond materials in MEMS and microelectronics, which are key areas of INEX activity. This background provides Rick with the sector knowledge and industry contacts we are looking for to expand the INEX customer base in the United States and Canada, and leverage our diamond processing USP, strong presence in medical, defence and security markets, and long-standing support to MNT start-ups".